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UT Physicians launches Spanish COVID-19 information center

Written By: Simone Sonnier, UT Physicians | Updated: April 1, 2020
Spanish feature

Houston is a beautiful melting pot of many races and ethnicities. According to Data USA, in 2018 Hispanic/Latino residents accounted for nearly 50% of our city’s population. That same study showed that after English, Spanish was the most common language spoken in Houston.

News about the COVID-19 pandemic is constantly changing. Our job as a health care organization is not only to care for our patients, but also to help distribute accurate information so that they may stay informed on important matters, such as this one.

With that in mind, UT Physicians decided to publish a Spanish COVID-19 information center. A replica of its English counterpart, the center helps individuals stay up to date on the virus in the Spanish language.

Luis Z. Ostrosky, MD, an infectious disease expert with UT Physicians and native Spanish speaker, echoes the value in having information readily available for individuals in our community in their own language.

“Putting out messaging regarding COVID-19 to all of our community, including those for whom English is not their native language, is extremely important. Having our information centers available in both English and Spanish helps to break down language barriers and keeps our patients safe,” said Ostrosky, professor in internal medicine at McGovern Medical School at UTHealth.

On the information center page, visitors have access to the latest COVID-19 news, patient resources, frequently asked questions, and more.

“We felt it was imperative to provide our Spanish-speaking community with accurate information during this pandemic. After analyzing our demographics and various platforms of communication, we knew it was necessary to establish a COVID-19 resource page in Spanish,” said Melissa McDonald, assistant director of marketing and communications at UT Physicians.

Click here to visit the Spanish information center.

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