Patient Experience Surveys

UT Physicians is focused on providing an exceptional experience in every care interaction. All ratings are submitted by actual patients and verified by NRC Health, a leading and independent survey company in the patient experience industry. As part of that commitment, we share our providers’ patient experience feedback online. NRC Health provides the technology to display ratings and comments on our provider profile pages.

Who receives our survey?

All eligible UTHealth patients receive a survey either via an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) phone call or email soon after their appointments. Patients are asked to complete the survey and provide comments regarding specific aspects of care. We use this feedback to improve and enhance the care we offer.

What questions are on our survey?

  • Were you seen by this provider in a timely manner?
  • Did this provider give you enough information about your health and treatment?
  • Did this provider listen carefully to you?
  • Did you trust this provider with your care?
  • Did this provider seem to know your medical history?
  • Did you know what to do if you had more questions after your visit?
  • Did this provider talk about how to prevent illness or injury?
  • How likely would you be to recommend this provider to your family and friends?
  • What else would you like to say about your experience?

About Our Star Ratings and Comments

How are star ratings calculated?
We calculate our star ratings based on responses to the survey question “How likely would you be to recommend this provider to your family and friends?”

Do you post all comments?
UT Physicians is committed to transparency. That means posting all relevant feedback – whether it is positive or negative. However, we do not post comments that are libelous, profane, or those that risk the privacy of our patients. Every provider rating is published regardless of comment status.

Why don’t we see star ratings and comments for every provider?
Industry best practice is clear that more data provides an accurate picture. That is why we require a minimum of 30 completed patient surveys per provider before we post publicly.

Can anyone complete our survey or post a comment about a physician?
No. Only patients completing a clinic visit with a UTHealth provider will receive a survey.

How is patient information protected?
Patient names are not displayed through the online ratings and comment reviews. All personally identifiable patient information is removed before it is posted to

Questions or concerns?
UT Physicians has a team of patient experience specialists ready to assist.  Contact them at or call 713-486-1875.