“I couldn’t have been more fortunate enough to find a better physician [Kristofer M. Charlton-Ouw, MD] to fix this problem.”

Tammy F., a UT Physicians patient

Dancer feature

After receiving a startling diagnosis, Dani was determined to get better and return to the dance floor.

Rowing Team

After developing a mysterious condition that suddenly jeopardized one of her greatest joys in life, recreational rowing, Tammy Foy spent several months trying to find the right doctor that could help her. Read how.

Forrest feature

In this update, we catch up with Forrest Tweed after his cleft lip repair surgery. While his story isn't over yet, read how far he has come.

Watching too much news

Creating a schedule of when to watch or read the news is beneficial to your overall well-being.


Even without previous heart disease, the virus may still effect your cardiovascular system.