“If you are looking for an experience where you can have a team of people communicating about your specific needs, they are right on it.”

— Cheron Schooley, UT Physicians Patient

Elease Jenkins

One call, one nurse's instinct. How a local woman was saved by a nurse on the 24-Hour Help Line.

Glinton Patterson credits UT Physicians staff with saving his life.

Quick action and a 911 call save a Missouri City man with a life-threatening heart blockage.

Zoé Nick found help through a less invasive surgical technique for carpal tunnel.

Long term digital device use caused sleepless nights for one Houstonian. Read more on the help she found from a UT Physicians orthopedic surgeon.

reachout and read

Reach Out and Read program expands in UT Physicians clinics.

Irene "Leanne" Doringo, M.S.N., R.N., has been recognized by the Houston Chronicle's "Salute to Nurses" Program.

UT Physicians clinical nurse coordinator honored by Houston Chronicle's "Salute to Nurses" Program.