“I couldn’t have been more fortunate enough to find a better physician [Kristofer M. Charlton-Ouw, MD] to fix this problem.”

Tammy F., a UT Physicians patient

Burnett and Monnie Langley

Burnett Langely and his mother have many things in common, including an inherited heart condition and a beloved surgeon.

Crosby woman with COPD has 6-centimeter tumor removed surgically

Doralyn Davenport feels more alive and has been able to reduce the oxygen she uses to treat her COPD after having a tumor removed without having to also undergo chemotherapy and radiation.

Starting over Learning to walk, talk, and enjoy life after COVID-19-resized

After battling COVID-19, and a stay in the intensive care unit, Elizabeth Silva is back to enjoying time with her family.

person receiving vaccine

What you and your loved ones should know about the newly recommended booster dose.

children's doctor interacting with patient

Learn more about our aerodigestive program and how it may help your little ones.