“It’s a safe place that has dedicated, committed experts—who are experts in the care and treatment of sickle cell disease.”

— Hoxi J., UT Physicians patient

John Hutchison

When a chronic cough turned to a cancer diagnosis, a multi-disciplinary team of specialists were in John's corner every step of the way.

Pastor Jay McIntosh is thankful for the improved quality of life he now has after surgery. Photo credit: Melissa McDonald, UT Physicians

A first reaction of no turns to message of hope & inspiration for a Grangerland pastor looking for answers to treat tremors.

tai chi

A small act of kindness & a tai chi class spark change in one woman's personal health journey.

Greens Clinic

The Greens multispecialty clinic has relocated to a new space to serve our patients.

Pediatric Surgery Clinic

With patients and their families in mind, UT Physicians has opened a newly remodeled and expanded pediatric surgery clinic. Read more about it and take a virtual tour.