“I couldn’t have been more fortunate enough to find a better physician [Kristofer M. Charlton-Ouw, MD] to fix this problem.”

Tammy F., a UT Physicians patient

Janet Ives, osteoporosis patient

For over a decade, Janet Ives has benefitted from personalized care for her osteoporosis diagnosis thanks to a special program at the UT Physicians Center for Healthy Aging - Bellaire clinic.

Eliana, diagnosed with CDH

After doctors in Trinidad diagnosed her unborn child with a rare condition, Andrea booked the first flight to Houston in search of experts who could help.

Caroline Love, Landua-Kleffner-Syndrome patient

After a rare neurological condition stole her daughter's ability to speak or hear, Caroline Love's mother sought out the help of an expert.

health care heroes

During our recent winter storm, the center fielded calls from thousands of concerned Houstonians.

Patient receiving COVID-19 vaccine

Volunteers and staff braved the historic winter storm to reopen the hub for patients and members of the community.