MyUTHealth Houston Young Adult Access and Ability to Authorize a Proxy

What is young adult access to the MyUTHealth Houston patient portal?

When minors turn 18, UT Physicians will ask new adults to confirm their personal email address on file to protect their privacy.

If UT Physicians has contacted you to verify your email address, or if you are unsure of which email address is on file, please reach out to the MyUTHealth Houston Help Desk at 855-316-4256. Without a written authorization from you, or a court order, parents and/or legal guardians cannot have access to an adult child’s patient portal account.

What is adult proxy access?

Adult proxy access allows another adult to securely communicate with your physician’s office on your behalf. It is granted once an authorization form has been completed at your clinic or through your MyUTHealth Houston account.

Adult proxy access can be terminated when you make a written request at your clinic or you process a request through MyUTHealth Houston. For more information, please speak with your physician’s office.

What if I am an adult family member who has been granted guardianship by a court for a patient 18 and older? What if I have a Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare Access?

Please share that documentation with the patient’s clinic. Staff will help you process your request for access. You will be required to have your own MyUTHealth Houston account with a separate username and password that will link to the patient’s account.