Nasal blockage and congestion. Relief is here now!

Nasal blockage and congestion

Relief is here now!

Have nasal blockage and congestion?

It’s not easy to enjoy life when your nose is constantly blocked. Good sleep is next to impossible; vigorous exercise is out of the question. Your attitude is affected, and it feels like your health is at stake. Some people improve their condition with over-the-counter sprays and pills, but these treatments may only provide temporary relief.

Fortunately, other solutions are available.

Should I seek additional care?

These two simple tests can help determine if you have significant nasal obstruction and congestion.

Woman demonstration the Cottle's Maneuver for treating nasal blockage congestion

Try this do-it-yourself diagnostic procedure for assessing nasal obstruction and congestion.

  • Place one or two fingertips on your cheeks on either side of your nose.
  • Gently, press and pull outward.

This temporarily opens the nasal valve. If doing this helps you inhale more easily through your nose, your obstruction may be in your nasal valve, and you may be a candidate for new innovative treatments that are delivered in the office (not in the operating room).

Nose Score Test

The nose score test determines the severity of your nasal blockage.

Click the “Start Assessment” button below, and you’ll be asked five questions. Rate your answers from 0 (not a problem) to 4 (severe problem). If you score 50 or higher, you may be a candidate for Nasal Airway Remodeling.

Rate your symptoms 0-4:

Assesment Graphic

0 Not a problem

1 Mild problem

2 Moderate problem

3 Significant problem

4 Severe problem

Start Assessment

N.O.S.E. Score:

0-4: You are a great nasal breather. No need for treatment!

5-25: You have a low level of nasal obstruction and congestion. Over-the-counter medications are likely to help. If you cannot tolerate them or if they are not helpful, please seek care.

26-50: You have some nasal obstruction and congestion. Try the over-the-counter steroid nasal sprays and antihistamine pills. If you cannot tolerate them or if they are not helpful, please seek care.

51-75: You have nasal obstruction and congestion, and it is likely to impact your daily life. You should start with over-the-counter steroid nasal sprays and antihistamine pills. You may benefit from these, but if you do not, you should seek care.

76-100: You have a lot of nasal obstruction and congestion, and you are noticing it frequently. Over-the-counter treatments may help a little, but you should seek treatment.

What can treatment do for me?

Nasal Congestion Treatment Houston, TX

Lose the Sprays

Like many others, you might depend on nasal steroid sprays to help you breathe. Often, the sprays work only partially. In many people, sprays can cause nasal irritation.

Better Sleep

Is your sleep disturbed by nasal blockage, snoring, or restlessness? Better treatments for your nose means breathing comfortably, which may help increase the amount of sleep you get!

More Energy

If you can breathe better through your nose, everyday tasks will feel easier. Exercise will feel great, and you can breathe more effortlessly.

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