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What to do after your visit?

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Appointment Line: 832-325-7080
Fax Number: 713-512-2239

For imaging/procedures at Memorial Hermann Health System, you should receive a call from a Memorial Hermann representative to schedule an appointment. If you don’t receive a call within 24 – 72 hours, please call 713-704-4110 or 713-272-1663 to inquire about your exam. They should also be able to answer any type of insurance, deductible, or copay questions you may have as well.

If you plan to have imaging performed at a different center other than Memorial Hermann, please be aware there may be a delay in receiving your Also, please request a CD copy of your study at the time of your imaging appointment.

If you had any type of physical, speech, occupational, or aquatic therapy at TIRR Memorial Hermann, you should receive a call from their scheduling team within 48 hours. If not, please call TIRR at 713-797-5942 or Memorial Hermann Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation at 713-521-0020. They should be able to answer any type of insurance, deductible, or copay questions you may have as well.

Please allow one week for results of any testing. After one week, please call our office. Please be aware that delays in reporting may occur if studies are not done in our facility. Biopsy reports usually take at least two to three weeks for interpretation. Some special bloodwork studies can take up to four to six weeks. Evoked potential test results may take up to two weeks.

If you had an EMG/Nerve Conduction Study done, the results should be provided to you by your referring physician.

Please be aware that orders for IVIG Infusion Therapy may take several weeks for processing. Insurance authorization and the appropriate infusion company must be identified prior to setup. Please contact our office after one week to check on the status of orders.

Should you have any further questions, please contact your doctor’s assistant.