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Cherian joins Bayshore family practice

Written By: Andi Atkinson, UT Physicians | Updated: January 9, 2023
Cherian stands in front of clinic

Asha Cherian, FNP-C, is pleased to serve patients at UT Physicians Family Practice – Bayshore. (Photo by Andi Atkinson)

Asha Cherian, FNP-C, provider with UT Physicians Family Practice – Bayshore, realized her profession as a child. She was inspired by the kind and caring nature of a soft-spoken hospital nurse who once cared for her.

“Early on, I knew nursing was my calling,” Cherian said. “I ventured on that career path 25 years ago. I still find it rewarding to help people heal through medicine and compassion.”

Cherian recently joined UT Physicians in November 2022, but she has already blended well into the practice thanks to her exemplary mentors and co-workers.

“Everyone in every position knows their job well and tries to help each other. I think this is a very good place to work and grow as a medical provider because we are all able to practice evidence-based medicine,” Cherian said. “I feel privileged to be able to practice and continue learning from the tenured and dedicated team at Bayshore.”

No matter how busy her day becomes, this provider makes it a point to focus her attention on each patient and engage in a genuine conservation. It helps her to better understand the problem and what matters most to the person. 

“Patient care has to be tailored. You cannot have a general approach to every patient,” Cherian said. “It is important to relate to the patient and really listen to them. Once you really start talking to them, you can often find out the underlying cause of their condition and understand their situations and concerns.”

Her approach takes a little more time in the beginning, but it makes delivering quality patient care easier and faster in the end.

“I believe that no optimum result can be achieved unless there is a good patient-provider relationship with mutual respect and understanding,” Cherian said.

Cherian took the step from nurse to nurse practitioner in 2015. She became a provider so she could offer comprehensive care to her patients.

“I went back to school to earn my master’s degree in nursing and nurse practitioner certification so I could treat and prevent health conditions as I cared for their health and well-being,” she said.

Cherian specialized in family medicine for its multiplying patient effect.

“Through patient education and collaboration with the multidisciplinary teams at UT Physicians, I can help impact the individual and the whole family unit,” she said.

As she continues to care for her family medicine patients, Cherian intends to earn her post-master’s certification in psychiatric nursing.

“I plan to also become a psychiatric nurse practitioner. I see a lot of people who need psychological care in family practice and feel stigmatized when referred to mental health care. I want to fill that sub-role and provide mental health care in family practice, especially to my elderly patients. That is my aim in the next five to 10 years,” Cherian said.

She encourages people in any profession to continue aiming for growth.

“There is no age limit for going back to school. Do what you need to get closer to your dreams or to master your skills and knowledge,” Cherian said. “Make things happen so you realize your potential.”

To schedule an appointment with Cherian, call UT Physicians Family Practice – Bayshore at 713-486-6200.

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