Health Care Apps

Connecting with other Apps

UT Physicians is committed to providing you with the tools you need to manage your health. Once you are enrolled in the MyUTHealth Houston patient portal, you’ll have the ability to connect your health data to a compatible health care application or app. MyUTHealth Houston makes managing health care convenient for you and your entire family. Keep in touch with your doctors, schedule new appointments, view test results, and much more. Looking to access your medical records? Log into MyUTHealth Houston.

Connecting your Health Information to other Health Care Apps

Available to UT Physicians patients

  • Apple Health
  • CommonHealth

Steps to connecting your data

  1. Establish a MyUTHealth Houston account
  2. Create user account for compatible health care app
  3. Within the app find where you can connect your health data to the app
  4. Search for UT Physicians
  5. Enter your MyUTHealth Houston credentials to authorize the import of your health care data into the app

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t want to share my information with another application? You can continue to use MyUTHealth Houston without sharing your health care information. None of your personal health data will be shared with any other app without your consent. Is my health data protected if I share my information with other apps? Sharing your personal health information with a health care app other than MyUTHealth Houston, will allow that application access to your personal health information under different policies than UT Physicians and Care Everywhere. Please review the Terms of Use and the policies of the app you choose. Who to contact for technical support? UT Physicians does not provide technical support for the health care apps other than MyUTHealth Houston. Please contact the support line for the app you are using. What if I don’t see my health care app listed? Please submit your request in an email to [email protected]. Be sure to include the name of the app and any other available information. We will then reach out to the vendor and determine if a connection is possible. Your request will be submitted to the UT Physicians vendors and they will work with your suggested health care app vendor. This may take time so patience with such a request is appreciated. If a connection is made, we will update this page.