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Motherhood support: A resource guide for new moms

Written By: Shelley Vanker, UT Physicians | Updated: June 14, 2024
Mother playing with newborn baby son at home near the window

New moms are urged to prioritize their well-being after bringing home a new baby.

Bringing a newborn home can feel exciting, overwhelming, and maybe even daunting.

“Having a baby for the first time is uncharted territory,” said Pamela D. Berens, MD, an OB-GYN with UT Physicians.

Pamela D. Berens, MD
Pamela D. Berens, MD

Experiencing a mix of emotions is normal and natural.

“No matter where you stand socially or professionally, a newborn dependent on you is a new experience. It’s not something you can just study and read about,” said Berens, the Dr. John T. Armstrong Professor in Obstetrics and Gynecology with McGovern Medical School at UTHealth Houston.

Finding balance with a new routine and new responsibilities takes time. Berens urges new moms to seek help, speak up, and safeguard their own health.

Seek support

At some point, most new moms will need support. From breastfeeding to mental health care to moral support, these organizations are ready to help provide new mom support.

Get out of the house

Socializing with other adults can help reduce stress and keep mothers from becoming isolated.

“Everything can become about the baby, so it’s important that moms continue other relationships for their own health,” said Berens.

Time outside the home, with or without the baby, can help provide emotional therapy.

“If you’re very isolated, I do think it puts you at risk for depression,” said Berens. “Sometimes new moms think they need to isolate the baby. While you want to ensure strangers aren’t touching the baby and want to reduce your baby’s exposure to germs, you can still take the baby out of the house, even if it’s just for a walk.”

Motherhood is often an underappreciated time to join new social support groups, which Berens highly recommends.

“Find your interest and look for a mom’s group related to your interest,” she said.

Alone time with your significant other

Carving out time alone with your partner can be especially difficult with a new baby, but it’s important.

“Having that adult time for conversation and your relationship also helps prevent isolation and mood disorders,” said Berens.

She recommends making concrete plans, setting a date, and sticking to it.

Release the guilt

“I see a lot more guilt around women trying to balance between their passions and childcare because historically childcare has fallen to them,” said Berens.

All moms should feel confident about spending some time away from their baby.

“If you feel good about your passion, whether it’s your career, a hobby, or volunteering, that will be noticed by your children. You’re acting as a role model,” she explained.

Overall wellness

To be the best parent possible takes prioritizing your wellness, too.

A healthy diet, regular exercise, and continuing health appointments after childbirth are important.

“You need that balance,” said Berens.

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