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New developmental and behavioral pediatrician joins practice

Written By: Simone Sonnier, UT Physicians | Updated: September 12, 2022
Gabriel Anzueto, MD

Gabriel Anzueto, MD, poses for a photo at the UT Professional Building. (Photo by Alyssa Duty, UT Physicians)

Gabriel Anzueto, MD, has joined the talented team at the Dan L Duncan Children’s Neurodevelopmental Clinic at the Children’s Learning Institute as the new medical director. The clinic is part of UT Physicians, the medical practice of McGovern Medical School at UTHealth Houston.

As a developmental and behavioral pediatrician, Anzueto specializes in caring for children with an array of neurodevelopmental difficulties including autism, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, learning disabilities, restrictive eating, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder/substance exposure.

“My clinical approach focuses on addressing the mental and physical health needs of kids with these diagnoses, as well as building a relationship with their support system,” he shared. “A lot of times, our appointments are for the parents — an opportunity for them to have someone to listen to and support their journey.”

In addition to supporting family units, Anzueto also coordinates a care plan for children in school environments or the foster care system.

“We know two things that are critical for a child’s well-being — continuity of care and establishing a medical home. With our talented team, I’m confident we are able to support our patients’ needs in all aspects of their life,” said the physician.

Anzueto’s passion for health care and helping others began in high school while volunteering at a hospital for veterans. Although he was only performing basic tasks, such as transporting patients, the experience left a lasting impact.

Anzueto also hopes to provide a much-needed cultural connection to his patients and their families. 

“I’m a native Spanish speaker and I truly believe that being able to communicate with someone in their own language allows you to connect on a different level,” he explained.

Although his career has just begun, he already has big plans for the future.

“I hope to start a Down syndrome program for our patients, which will allow them to stay within UT Physicians. The goal is multidisciplinary and comprehensive care for these kids,” said Anzueto.

To schedule an appointment at the Dan L Duncan Children’s Neurodevelopmental Clinic at the Children’s Learning Institute, call 713-500-8300 or request an appointment online.

As the clinical practice of McGovern Medical School at UTHealth Houston, UT Physicians has locations across the Greater Houston area to serve the community. To schedule an appointment, call 888-4UT-DOCS.