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Orthopedic ace scores Employee of the Year

Written By: Shelley Vanker, UT Physicians | Updated: February 29, 2024
Employee of the Year Luncheon 2023 group photo

The 2023 Employee of the Month honorees gathered for a luncheon to announce the Employee of the Year. (Photo by: Kacie Fromhart, UT Physicians)

It was all smiles and applause inside the Cooley University Life Center for a grand announcement – the Employee of the Year. UT Physicians is proud to say Linval Henry is the 2023 recipient.

“I’m elated,” said Henry. “A little embarrassed, elated, and happy.”

Employee of the Year luncheon

During a luncheon on Friday, Feb. 9, he and the 11 other Employee of the Month honorees were recognized for their outstanding service and dedication to patient care.

Linval Henry is the 2023 Employee of the Year recipient
Linval Henry proudly shows his 2023 UT Physicians Employee of the Year award. (Photo by: Kacie Fromhart, UT Physicians)

“In some cases, you’ll see people who you would never expect to earn Employee of the Month because they never see a patient.  Sometimes they only speak with a patient on the phone, but they are well-deserving because that job is important too,” said Andrew Casas, senior vice president, UTHealth Houston and chief operating officer, UT Physicians. “I was very impressed that upon receiving the award, Linval’s first comment was to say he wanted to share the award with the other nominees.”

A compassionate, dedicated employee

Henry works as a patient care and administrative clinic coordinator at UT Physicians Pediatric Orthopedics — Bellaire. He is well-known for remaining calm under pressure. When young patients arrive in pain, he helps make them comfortable. When parents arrive with anxiety, he soothes their fears.

“That’s a huge part of his job, helping ensure that patients not only get their care, but also making sure that the parents are taken care of at the same time,” said Jason Fuller, director of operations for the Department of Orthopedic Surgery with McGovern Medical School at UTHealth Houston. “Linval treats everyone with respect. He does that all the way from physicians at the highest level, down to anyone that works there.”

Fuller went on to say that there are 12 employees of the month each year. “They all have their own story and their own recommendations,” said Fuller. “Selecting an employee of the year is a big decision for the committee.”

Finding a home at UT Physicians

As Employee of the Month for January 2023, Henry won the Employee of the Year award after only being hired in January 2022.

“He found the right home. UTHealth Houston and UT Physicians is the right place for him because he is excelling,” said Casas.

The recognition means a lot to Henry who feels honored to receive it.

“It shows that my commitment to the job is being recognized and in the long-term that our patients are the ones who are ultimately benefitting.”

View pictures from the Employee of the Year luncheon below.

Employee of the Year Luncheon-21

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