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COMMP-Billing & Insurance

COMMP-Billing & Insurance

How much will I owe at the time of each visit?

Program fee temporarily reduced to $50 – due at the time of the New to COMMP visit. See “Getting Started” for additional info.

  • $150 one time program fee due at the time of NEW to COMMP visit.
  • You will be responsible for your copay, if any, at the time of visit. After each visit, UT Physicians will bill your insurance for the visit. Any additional costs will be dependent on your individual deductible and insurance coverage.
  • The optional protein meal replacements and exercise equipment are additional out-of-pocket expenses. 1

How much will my copay be? Is it a specialty copay?

  • Your copay is whatever your insurance normally charges for your doctor visits. In most cases, insurance companies recognize our visits as a non-specialist visit and therefore charge a non-specialty copay, instead of specialty copay. You should contact your insurance company to confirm which co-pay you will be charged for our services.

Can I see the physician and the dietitian in the same day?

  • No. To ensure appropriate insurance coverage, the visits must be on separate days.

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1Meal replacements are sold here at the suggested retail price. Your quality of care will not be affected by your decision to purchase the supplements elsewhere.