Obesity Medicine and Metabolic Performance​


COMMP-Nutrition and Intensive Lifestyle Intervention

COMMP-Nutrition and Intensive Lifestyle Intervention

Our Nutrition Approach

At COMMP, our nutrition approach is based on sound, evidenced-based science and individualized, long-term solutions. Rather than prescribing one-size-fits-all diet plans, our nutrition experts will provide you individualized guidance, macronutrient goals, and education to help you feel confident in making your own food choices for successful and sustainable weight loss.

While every patient’s plan is individualized, our obesity medicine specialists typically start with one of three fundamental pathways:

  1. Jumpstart: All protein meal replacements with one whole food meal per day 1
  2. Combination of protein meal replacements and whole food
  3. All whole food

At each Intensive Lifestyle Intervention (ILI) visit, your registered dietitian will work with you to sustain the behavioral changes that you’re making, and will individualize nutrition and lifestyle goals by taking into consideration your medical history, lab biomarkers, food preferences, budget, dietary intolerances, and time constraints.

In addition to one-on-one visits with our nutrition experts, you will have opportunities for hands-on learning experiences like grocery store tours. We can help you learn how to navigate the grocery store, choose between products, save money, and gain meal ideas.

Man slicing vegetables in the kitchen while talking to a woman

Additional Resources Offered

  • Grocery store tours
  • Protein meal replacements 1
  • Recipes
  • Special Topics in nutrition classes in a group setting (Healthy Holiday Habits, Fad Diets, Intuitive Eating, Stress & Sleep, and more)

Behavioral Changes

Your ILI visits with our registered dietitians will dig deeper into your behavioral changes to help you achieve more than just your weight goals.

Our medical weight management experts will provide individualized support and help you navigate many types of barriers to long-term success, beyond what food to put on your plate, including:

  • Emotional eating and cravings
  • Meal planning
  • Stress and Sleep management
  • Physical activity
  • Nutrition therapy for disease management

Additional behavioral resources – If needed, the COMMP team can help you find more advanced counseling services.

Physical Activity

The COMMP team will continually help you advance goals around physical activity that are crucial for your long-term success. The services our team provides to support physical activity include:

  • Patient Centered Physical Activity (PCPA) I & II classes
  • Individualized physical activity goals
  • Bi-weekly body composition analysis to assess improvement in muscle mass
  • PCPA training resources are available for purchase in clinic including: an exercise ball, a door attachment, resistance bands, stretch straps and more.
  • Exercising resources in your virtual and/or physical community.
Two women smiling while walking with small weights

PCPA I & II Classes

During your journey with us, we encourage you to attend two small group classes taught by the COMMP team, where we will guide you through 20 strength training and stretching exercises, assist you with proper form, and provide modifications as needed.

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1Meal replacements are sold here at the suggested retail price. Your quality of care will not be affected by your decision to purchase the supplements elsewhere.