Diabetes Self-Management Education

Recognized by the American Diabetes Association for Diabetes Education

What is diabetes education?

Diabetes education can help you understand why making some changes can help you manage diabetes. The goal is to have an open discussion with a diabetes educator about what you believe you can do to make those changes. These classes benefit you and your loved ones whether you have Pre, Type 1, Type 2, or diabetes with pregnancy (gestational diabetes). Diabetes education takes place in a group class or in one-on-one sessions, depending on your needs.

What will I learn during diabetes education sessions?

During your diabetes education group classes or one-on-one sessions, your diabetes educator will teach you how to control your diabetes better. The following topics may be covered as part of your program:

For people with Pre or Type 2 diabetes who are just beginning or need a refresher. Women with diabetes and pregnancy (gestational diabetes) can also benefit from an initial group class.

These sessions are for people with type 1 diabetes or other types of diabetes being treated with insulin. One-on-one sessions are also offered to people who have previously attended a group class.

How in the world did this happen? We will make it interesting and motivating.

All activity helps your blood sugar. Learn what is right for you.

Find out which foods raise your blood sugar and the amount that is right for you. Rethink your relationship with food. Learn how to make your choices work for your individual needs.

Know what to do with the results to make testing more meaningful.

Suddenly, you are asked to do things you haven’t had to do before. Changing behavior is not easy. However, support for you is here.

Complications can include blindness, nerve damage, kidney, and heart disease. Controlling your diabetes is the #1 way to avoid these risks.

Why did my doctor recommend a diabetes educator?

Discussing your goals with a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) ensures that you receive the most current diabetes information and apply it to your life. A CDE helps start your journey for improved blood sugar control and better health.

How do I get started with my diabetes education program?

Talk with your doctor about which class is best for you: individual (1:1) or group. Once you reach an agreement, your insurance will be verified. Someone will then contact you to offer dates, times, and locations.

Who will be my diabetes educator?

Your UT Physicians diabetes educators are licensed, healthcare professionals trained to specialize in the management of diabetes. They will help you manage your diabetes in all areas of your life.

Locations for Diabetes Education